Antique french frames. Federici since 1905

The pictures beside show a group of antique french frames reproductions made from Lab Federici. The antique french frames start to be very famous from 17th century to early 19th century. During King Louis XIV were made in France the most beautiful examples of baroque picture frames and they are still so known to be considered the most spread kind of antique french frames all over the word. The Louis XIV baroque french frames are used just not to frame baroque old master paintings but to frame any kind of contemporary panting or even more for all french paintings of late 19th century, time when Paris lived, in terms of art, a huge artistic movements starting from impressionism and every artist from all over the world was visiting France to get into the feeling of that new amazing art. The antique french frames were very well made in the 18th and 19th century as well. Neoclassicism frames and Empire frames are a good examples of that. Lab Federici makes and sell several kind of the most prestigious antique french frames and they can be made in pulp wood or in carved wood. That's depend on the budget of the client. Antique french frames made by carved wood pulp are as beautiful as wood carved antique french frames. Nobody can tell the difference between these two kind of frames in terms of shape, quality, structure. The only difference is about price. Antique french frames in wood pulp ornates are just a perfect way to have them for a very reasonable price.