Old gilded picture frames reproductions. Federici since 1905

The pictures beside shows several fine antique picture frames replicas made from Lab Federici. They were realized through the years for important museums and important collectors of antique picture frames. Collectors usually look for authentic antique picture frames a quite long time to fit them on their paintings till the time they get pretty bored about looking for something really hard to find on the exact measurements they look for. This is the best reason for how Lab Federici has been getting orders through more than a century. It offers the great opportunity to collectors of old master paintings to have their paintings framed with proper reproductions of antique picture frames customized on the perfect size they need. The frames are made using most of the antique master carver and gilder techniques, observing all the very important steps to obtain a master work that can't really be recognized as a replica. The Federici frames after a bit more than a couple of years are getting almost alike the authentic antique picture frames. That is due to the fact that the wood in the back side of the frame after a while gets the color of a nice dry antique wood. The front of the picture frame instead looks like antique from the very begining due to the dark gold leaf which is applied as master gilders did in the past. The "patina" which is the process to make the frame dark is very difficult and it is the part of the work that can make the real difference between a good antique picture frame replica and a bad one. Federici uses natural products and they resists through time in a way that gives to the Federici frames a such an antique look that nobody, including master carvers and master gilders, is able to distinguish the Federici antique picture frames replicas made more than thirty years ago from the authentic antique picture frames of the past.